What is the purpose of this site?
Mainly to shine a light on the darker parts of the internet.
This site supplies links for self-help for pedophiles and other minor attracted people.
CSEM addiction (and addiction in general) are very hard things to handle, pedofur attempts to give people a starting point.

Why are you hosted on the deep web?
The 'deep web' is a bad term, it doesn't mean anything in a realistic sense
Pedofur is hosted over I2P, Tor, and Lokinet for a few reasons:

What is CSEM and CSA?
CSEM: Child Sex Exploitation Material
CSA: Child Sex Abuse

What can I do if im addicted to CSEM?
You can start by checking the links I have at the root of the site, many of these links have support and prevention for suicide, offending, and CSEM consumption

Am I evil/a bad person?
No, you cannot control who or what you are sexually attracted too, its not your fault!
You are in charge of your own sexual actions, including the pornography you watch.
Avoid CSEM, and if you are addicted to the material, get help. Thats your responsibility

Am I a pedophile for being addicted to CSEM?
No, not always
Yes some pedophiles consume CSEM, however not every pedophile consumes it.
Some non-minor attracted people consume CSEM, the reasons are different for everyone but usually its a result of porn addiction
Porn addiction is hard, if you have an issue with watching porn constantly or watching voilent or illegal porn check Easy Peasy Method

I am under 18, can I be a pedophile?
In a medical sense, you must be over 16 and have an attraction to a minor who is 4 years younger than you to be considered a 'pedophile'
The term "Minor Attracted Person" (MAP) could possibly be given to you, assuming you have recurring sexual attractions to minors atleast 4 years younger than you
It is normal to be attracted to similar aged peers, its also ok to be attracted to adults
If you have questions about what sexual acts are safe and acceptable look into Whats Ok

Im scared this site will report me
Better question: "What can I report you for?"
You went on a random website, with no illegal content, or links to illegal content, or anything even remotely criminal
What crime is there to report?

What info to do keep on your servers
I keep a standard log for debugging, maintenance, and satistical purposes
I will never share this info without a court order
No information about your identity is given to the server if you connected over Tor, I2P, or Loknet
Pedofur has no javascript or scripting, only HTML. I have no way of collecting any information on you