Stopping CSEM Usage


CSEM (Child Sexual Exploitation Material) is pornographic media produced by the sexual abuse of children. This means images and film featuring children with the intent to be pornographic is considered CSEM. It must also target real children, so drawings and fictional characters are not considered CSEM.

CSEM is a growing problem. While you could point at the internets ability to traffic such content, I believe a large player in this is social isolation, mental illness, and the degradation of ones self and soul that has affected society more over the years.

CSEM is not for pedophiles

While it may be hard to comprehend for some, CSEM is not a sign of pedophilia or minor attraction (which is a state of ones sexuality being oriented to children)

CSEM is a much more universal problem, and not being a pedophile will not protect you from porn addiction and depravity seen in CSEM addicts.

Sexuality is a wonderful thing, I believe that pornography can be an ok thing. However there is an issue with many porn consumers of falling into more extremes with their porn usage. This can cause addiction, which breeds more extremes needed. This cycle is what often causes people to consume CSEM.

This doesn't mean pornography itself is going to make you consume CSEM or that addiction will always happen, but rather something people must understand is that sexuality has responsibilities. We as a society only look at how easy it is to become a victim of abuse, but one thing we lack is the understanding of how easy we can abuse others. We never even think about it, not in the same way we look at being victimized ourselves.

CSEM is harmful

CSEM by definition is documented sexual abuse of a child. A child is by definition is someone who cannot consent, meaning pornography including them is generally going to be explotive anyways. CSEM must always relate to the sexual harm of a child.

Because of this, its only possible way for it to be generated is via the abuse of a child. There is no CSEM that is generated without sexual abuse, as sexual abuse is what makes it CSEM.

What do I do if im consuming CSEM?

The driving question in all of this is what does it mean if someone consumes CSEM, and what should they do if they reconize this problem?

As I said before, CSEM usage is usually based on an addiction, a human fault. While the action is not "good", I don't think someone is evil over it. I believe if you realize your problem, and want genuine help, you should be able to get it. "Evil" to me is someone who is unremorseful for their actions against children and continue to consume such harmful content.

If you are visiting pedofur, I would imagine you are someone searching for help, to stop using such content and live a normal, unharmful life. Even if you are a pedophile, you can have a healthy and sexually fulfilling life with adult partners and without the harming children. All it takes is a bit of support and help. There are plenty of former CSEM addicts and pedophiles I have seen grown to have happy non-harmful lives.

If you are looking to prevent yourself from using CSEM, please look at: